Sunday, November 6, 2016

Update on Sunday, November 6

Steve is being transferred to a private room!!! Praise the Lord! All the tests are pointing to malaria as the cause. It is a side effect that can happen. (He will be going on anti-malarials!!!!) They have checked his heart and his lungs and everything in between and everything is showing that malaria caused this!
He is still on oxygen and will be for some time, but it will get better. Today they have him on 5 liters of oxygen and a nose canula and his oxygen is around 89-92. I wish it was a bit higher, but the doctor assures me that it will start going up. We just have to be patient!
I(Tanya) am staying with missionaries in Nairobi! They have been a huge blessing to me and it feels good to be able to go "home" and process everything with someone. Mandy Shaarda our "teammate" is flying in this morning from Entebbe and will be with me until Thursday! It will be so nice to have someone to sit with me. Right now, I am enjoying just being with Steve. He can actually talk a little bit today and I can hear him.  Thank you so much for praying and we covet your continued prayers!
God is good even in the midst of chaos! He cares for every detail and I am so grateful for how he has provided just the right people along the way!
Just so you all know! I really do have a great caring husband and I am so thankful that God has let me keep him longer!!

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Unknown said...

Tanya: we learned of all this on Facebook and are praying for you and your family. Give a shout out to Steve for us. Ken and Sharon