Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Visit to Sisyi and Sipi Falls

Village Visit

Peeling potatoes must be pretty boring!

Gathering firewood!

Bring the firewood into the kitchen.

Nesting box in the kitchen.

Sorting rocks out of the rice.

More nesting boxes in the kitchen.

Sugar spilled on the ground!  Can't let that go to waste.

Holding baby chicks is always a favorite pastime.




Whole fish 

Kate made a friend with the neighbor girl! She was treating her as if she were a baby! So cute!

Sound Equipment Project

We want the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre to be self sustaining! We have gotten advice from local friends and they suggested that we buy a sound system. Ugandans will rent this equipment for weddings, burials, crusades, etc. The pictures below is the first time that the equipment went out on a job. It was before Christmas and this group was driving around promoting a children's party. 
It has proven to be a good investment so far.
We are in the basic stage of equipment. We would love to add tents, chairs and so much more for renting. It will come with time. We pray that God will continue to bless this ministry!

Women's Bible Study

God had been placing on my heart to start a women's Bible Study.  A couple of weeks ago, I started facilitating a study on being a servant for Christ. I really pray that it will impact the women that attend, including myself. 
We have a young women (M) that comes to the study and she is struggling with her marriage. She wants to honor God and be a respectful wife, but she is tired of being treated so poorly. One week she was asking if it was ok to attend events(Bible Studies, visiting family, etc.) without her husbands permission.  Culture is so different here that I wanted one of the Ugandan women (J) to answer her.  I was so blessed by J's response. She really encouraged M to pray for her husband.  Pray that God would transform him, and pray that he would allow her to attend.  She really encouraged her to respect her husband and win him to the Lord with her behavior.  She was so Biblical in her response and I was so thankful for women who love the Lord! 
Please join us in praying for M and her husband! Pray that they will have a godly marriage and will honor him in their respect for one another. 


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sixty-five Kids

Sixty -five kids between the ages of 2-15 showed up at Beyond Pamba Resource Centre this past Wednesday! We start the program at 2:30, but many of these kids showed up at 1:30 already.  They are so eager to read books and just look at the colorful pictures! 

We have been studying Moses's life and we are now on the Ten Commandments.  We went through the first two commandments on Wednesday and we will go through two more commandments each week.  Joy and I decided that we would take a break from Moses in December so we can focus on Jesus' Birth!  

Each week we have memory work and we have been putting it to song! Joy has a talent for putting the words to song and maybe soon I will try to record the kids singing some of their memory work! Even I get these songs stuck in my head and it is great to have God's Word stuck in your head!! 

On this particular Wednesday, we also had two pastors that worked most of the day in the pastor's study, two young people that came and watched a video on Spiritual Gifts and another gentlemen that came to study and then watched a video with Steve before the power went out and then the day was done! 

We are loving where God is leading us! We love the resource centre and the opportunities it is presenting! If anyone wants to come and do a training or lead the kids, you would be most welcome! 

We are also in need of more markers, crayons or colored pencils! We have a church collecting them for us, but we can always use more! The kids never get the chance to color in schools here! There are just too many kids to a class and they don't have the resources! If you would like to send any of these items, you can send them to: Steve Tiesenga, PO Box 887, Soroti, UG. The children of Pamba would be so thankful for this gift!