Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pool time

We are so excited, there is now a pool in Soroti! (Again) We are hopeful that this one will last! It is part of a hotel that seems to be doing good. Here are a few pictures of the kids with some of their friends. It is school holiday here until the beginning of June, so my boys have been loving having their friends around!!

Update on Joshua

I am so happy to tell you all that Joshua can now read!!! He is amazing! He sounds out huge words and I am so impressed with him! God has blessed him with a great mind and now he can use it to glorify God. He attends church with us every Sunday and I pray that it will take root in his heart.
Please continue to keep Joshua in your prayers!! Pray that he will stay focused at school and that he will trust God to sustain him!!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

We Arrived!

We've arrived in Uganda! We are all quite tired, but adjusting! The weather is beautiful so that helps.  We arrived at the airport in Entebbe and we went right to Immigration and that went very smoothly. The kids and I then went to get luggage started and Steve stayed back to pay the visa fee. I have to brag about my kids a little. They ROCKED!! They grabbed carts and the boys started pulling totes off the belt! Drew even grabbed our heavy tote(70lbs) and lifted like it was nothing!! Ashley grabbed the list of totes and crossed them off the list as the boys pulled them off! I was in charge of Kate and I watched all our baggage. I also grabbed many Ugandans to help carry our totes to our vehicle. When Steve got out, I headed to the van with Kate and about 1/2 our totes. Our friend, John, greeted us as we exited the airport. He then led us to our van and helped load all the totes!! Soon Steve and the kids were our with all our other totes! We quickly loaded up and headed to our guest house. It was a very smooth arrival.
We are now trying to get adjusted to the time change. Ash is having hard day. She is extremely tired and did not sleep well last night at all! Kate was also up at 4:30 am, but seems ok yet! She did sleep the most on the flights.
We have already received a request for money and we haven't even reached home yet! It is amazing how fast that happens! Please pray for endurance and a kind heart as we receive these requests.
We will be driving back to Soroti on Monday. Pray for safe travels back to our home!
Just for laughs: When Kate woke up in the middle of the night, she told Ashley she did not like it here. She wants to go to Uganda! There are too many bugs here! We told her we were in Uganda and she said, "No, we are not!" I think she want to go to Soroti!

We thank you for your prayers as we traveled and we covet your prayers as we adjust and travel to Soroti!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Melting Pot

Ashley and I went with our friends Kristy and Noelle Van Wingerden! It was so much fun with these awesome teenage girls!! They are beautiful on the inside and out!!

Dale and Deb Hessing Pig Farm

I have know Deb Hessing since I was about 8 years old. She has always been there for me. As a young girl she let me come to her hair salon and badger her customers and talk her ear off. As a teenager she let me tell her all my teenage problems. She listened and gave wise advise. She always told me it doesn't matter what everyone else said, only what God thought of me. When she started having babies, she let me come and "help" her with them. As an adult, she is always there to listen. It amazes me how God has kept our friendship through all these years!! I really do love her and value her friendship! She is an amazing woman of God and I am so thankful that she has been in my life for all these years!!

Some of our traveling time in Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri

Living the Dream
Todd and Steve even share a birthday, just two years apart!!

Steve and his cousin Todd are a lot a like! Todd flies helicopters and Steve loves hearing about it!
My beautiful girl

Cousin Love- Kaileen and Kate
Uncle Harry Hoogeveen
Aunt Lorraine Hoogeveen
Uncle Les and Aunt Eva
Brady and Danae Mulder
At my cousin Anne Jasper's! Kids playing a game, Natalie, Kara, Ashley, Ellie, and Drew!!
Darrin and Troy- two peas in a pod!