Friday, September 26, 2014

Pamba Pastor's Orientation

Pastors enjoying the many resources!

Now you are entering the Mission Field


Steve sharing about the vision and mission of the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre

Sharing about Children's Ministry

All who attended

Pamba Pastors with Steve

Serving Lunch

Ashley serving Pastor Nelson

Pastors are often blessed with motorcycles.

Children's Story Hour

Some kids just come for a nice rest!

Singing "Thy Word"

Sometimes we have other visitors!

Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week at Beyond Pamba

The first week at Beyond Pamba Resource Centre was so great! We had people in everyday asking questions and enjoying the books. We have some people that can't read that came in and our office attendant sat and read to them. Joy is our office attendant and she has been such a huge blessing.  She speaks three languages and loves to read herself! She is a go-getter and  has many great ideas to implement. 
We also had a story hour on Wednesday for children.  We had about 15-20 kids and it went really good. We read the story of David and Goliath, sang songs, memory work, colored a page and also watched a video of David and Goliath. Joy and Ashley were huge helps and the boys even helped some. The kids were all very well behaved and seemed to enjoy their time. I can tell already that I will be bringing back from the states many crayons and markers! (or if anyone wants to send some, it would be welcomed). 
I would love to show more pictures, but my computer is acting funny again and I can't get them to come up, so watch for more pictures soon! Thank-you for praying for us this first week of opening! It was such a blessing!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


We have slowly been moving books from the Team Beyond Resource Centre to the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre. We had potential team members come on a confirmation trip and they helped us with transferring the books, even though they were incredibly sick!! We were so thankful for their help. To hear more about the Zapata's you can check out their blog here:

Moving the book shelves!

The boys road in the truck to hold the shelves in place! This is Drew and Emma with Troy in the background!

Bringing them into Beyond Pamba.

Children of the Light Gospel Choir helping unload the books!

They were more excited to hold Amara Sliedrecht!!

They are incredible heavy shelves!!

Already excited to be reading the books!

The Zapatas and the Tiesenga Kids!! 

Luz and I really would have liked to just sit down and read!

Rick Zapata with Steve and Troy loading books!

Looking through books and organizing!

Matthew Zapata starting reading to the little neighbor kids and this little one fell asleep! They love the special attention that Matthew was giving them. 

This place really is one of my favorite places to be! I love books!!