Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It's Official!!

Today, after many hours of waiting(for two days), we finally received our 
We are officially Kate's parents!! I can't begin to tell you how excited we are that the process is finished. It really seems anti-climatic with out our kids and so many of our team mates(many stateside). We are still beyond excited and thankful for God's gracious favor upon us!! 
We are so thankful for Kate and the joy she brings to our family! She asks everyday if we get to go on an airplane now, and we keep telling her we have to wait a bit longer! She misses Ashley, Drew and Troy so much. She love to talk to them over Skype, but she is getting anxious to hug them!
Thank-you all for your prayers and support! We now ask you to pray for the US Embassy's computer problems to be resolved so we can get the visa for her! 
All in God's timing, but I am really anxious!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pamba Press

Meet Joshua

Joshua is a young boy that started coming to our home in 2012.  He became friends with our boys and we have included him in our family.  He has become increasingly closer and we are finding out more about his family. He is the only son of his father.  In this culture that means that you will inherit land. Land is very important here. We discovered that he was being threatened by poison by his stepmom. We have confirmed this story with neighbors. We asked him “Why do you stay with them?”  He says that he is hoping that someday he will inherit the land! He wants the approval of his father. He is a very strong boy and does not show much emotion, but he did when he was telling this story. He had tears silently streaming down his cheeks.
We also discovered that he couldn’t read. One night, I (Tanya) was reading with each of my children for school and I asked Joshua to come and read to me too. He was so shy and didn’t want to come, but I forced him! He could not read! It broke my heart to see him struggling and feeling bad.  I told him not to worry and that he would learn to read.  I then started to teach him the sounds of the alphabet. When school holiday came, we hired a tutor. Joshua and the tutor went to the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre every morning for three hours and she tutored him.  He is much improved.

Joshua came to our house a short while later and I could tell he was upset.  I pressed him to tell me what was wrong.  His father had chased him away. He was no longer welcome to live in his home. His sister was also chased away, but was welcomed back. (Fathers get dowry for girls)  He was again crying and it broke my heart. Joshua’s mother lives in a tiny room and it is hard to fit all of them into this little room. Thankfully Joshua’s mother is very loving and she also loves the Lord.  In this culture, the child is forced to live with the father after they turn seven years old, if the father insists. (This WAS the case with Joshua) Mothers do not have many rights here. Anyway, I talked to Joshua and I said, “Joshua, who loves you?” He went on to mention everyone in our family. I then said “But Joshua, who loves you more than even us?” He then said “ Jesus”.  I was like “Yes, God loves you more than anything!” We continue to love him and encourage him.

This year, after prayerful consideration, we decided to pay for his school fees. We have put him in a private Christian school and we keep close watch on him. He is learning, but he is still struggling with his classes. Please join us in praying for Joshua. Pray that God will help his mind soak everything in. Pray that he will know the love of his Father in heaven, and live in that peace!

Beyond Pamba Rental

All proceeds from the rentals are used for sustaining and the ministry of the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre

Bridal Dress and Bridesmaids Dresses
We have been blessed to know a fabulous tailor! Catherine has been Tanya’s friend for more than two years now. We are now giving her a lot of work making bridesmaids dresses. We have many Ugandans that come into the rental and they want to purchase the dresses. The rental just hires them out, but we will also sell dresses once we have our original dresses complete. Catherine also attends the women’s Bible Study at the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre. Tanya has been teaching on who we are in Christ! We have Freedom in Christ! We ask you to pray that we can be witness to the workers at both the Resource Centre and the Rental.

Sound System

Music is so important to the culture here.  For this reason we have been working on raising funds to build this project for the sustainability of the Beyond Pamba Resource Centre.  Many of you have already participated in starting this project by financial contributions.  We would love to eventually purchase live instruments as well as construct a Christian recording studio at the Rental facility in the future.  We are thanking God for the blessings received and our prayer is that this Rental project will continue to provide funds for the ministry BPRC.

Supporting our ministry is easy and gifts are tax deductible.  The fastest way is to make an Online Donation via www.WorldOutreach.org/donations and select our name from the list.  The system can process USA & International cards.  You can also set-up automatic monthly gifts if you select the "Monthly" option.  Or simply mail your gift to:
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